July 8-12, 2006
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Application for FENS, IBRO WERC or IBRO CEERC stipends must be submitted electronically via the FENS Forum website. For eligibility criteria see >>TRAVEL GRANTS

For other stipends see >>TRAVEL GRANTS


***Deadline for applications and recommendation letters extended to February 7, 2006 included***

Important note: no application and no recommendation letter will be accepted after this new deadline.

Applicants will be informed as from March 15, 2006 for FENS, IBRO WERC and IBRO CEERC.


Connect to the FENS Forum website. Click on Registration - Abstract submission, then on Stipends. Enter your registration number and confidential code and click on "Apply".
Note: you can apply only if you have already registered and submitted an abstract.


You are required to go through the 4 steps of the application form. The form will be saved by clicking on "Save" at the last step.

Step 1

Personal information
Personal information is already provided in your registration form. You only have to provide your date of birth.

Recommendation letter
A recommendation letter from your Department Head or supervisor is required.
Include his/her name, first name and email. FENS will contact this person by email to send the recommendation letter. Please check carefully the email address. FENS cannot be held responsible for incorrect email addresses and will NOT consider any application without this recommendation.

Step 2

Include university degrees and professional position(s) (1500 characters maximum). Information concerning hobbies and personal skills are not required.

Step 3

Scientific activity
State briefly your main field of research interests and describe the main results of your scientific activity (1500 characters maximum).

Step 4

Only publications indexed in Medline may be given.
You will be able to retrieve your publications and to insert their PMID number in the application form.

To retrieve your publications:
Type in your name followed by a space and the initials of your first and middle names (ex. Smith J or Smith JL) then click on "Go". A list of publications from Medline appears including authors, title and PMID number. Select and copy this number, then go back to the application form and paste it in the required field; click on “add”. Switch between Medline and the application form to repeat the procedure and to add new references.
Note: you cannot insert more than five publications. If you have more than five publications, select the most significant.

To remove a publication, click on the check box preceding the reference then click on the Update button.


Once you have checked that all the information provided is correct, click on Save. A confirmation appears on the screen. Do not forget to print it.
Do not forget to click on Continue to validate your application.

You should receive a confirmation of your application by email. If you do not receive it, please check your email address (see Registration editing).
You will receive another email informing you of the submission of the recommendation letter.