July 8-12, 2006
Vienna | Austria



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Hi, my name is Christiane and I'm project assistant at Alois Saria's division. I just finished my studies one year ago and know how travelling is like when you have a student budget. This information has been collected with the help of some friends who gave me some essential hints in having fun in Vienna without spending a fortune.

Please note that FENS, IBRO and a number of National Societies provide approx. 350 travel grants with a totel sum of approx. € 230,000,-. >> Click here to see details at this web-site


The best way to explore Vienna city is by bus, tram and metro. Missing a tight metro network Vienna still operates a number of old-fashioned tram and bus lines. So you'd best take the metro for far distance rides and do the fine tuning by bus or tram.
Thanks to the organizers, a free ticket for public transport in Vienna during the meeting will be provided so that getting around that way will not cost you anything. Please do not forget your ticket while travelling, the transport authorities are merciless when they catch you without ticket and charge a painful fine.
In case you need an extra ticket, they are available at vending machines or ticket boothes at metro or train stations, or can be purchased at all "Trafik" - the Viennese tobacco shops (see the red and white cigarette signs - of course they sell cigarettes, too).



The easiest way to book accommodation would certainly be via our hotel accommodation page via the >>FORUM ENTRY PAGE. There you can find rooms with bathroom at student residences which are fixed up and renovated to function as hostels during summer as well as reasonable 3star hotels.
If you are up to very low budget accommodation you might have a look at the following websites:


Another cheap possibility is camping. At the web-site >> CAMPING IN VIENNA (Camping Wien) you will find 4 camping grounds in the best areas of Vienna and its outskirts. Camping "Wien West" and "Neue Donau" might be the closest to the meeting and "Neue Donau" is near to the "Copa Cagrana" recreation and nightlife centre (thus can be very noisy in the night). "Laxenburg" is most peripherally but has a good shuttle bus and is therefore only 20 min away. "Camping Wien" is in English and will provide you all information.




Generally eating out is not expensive in Vienna compared to other European capitals. To avoid being surprised by a horrendous bill you might check meal prices which are normally always displayed outside restaurants. Certainly Vienna offers a vast array of national and international cuisine. If you wish to enjoy good and reasonable or cheap meals it’s the best to eat at traditional Viennese restaurants. You might find them when looking for terms like “Gasthaus”, “Keller” or “Bräu” in restaurant names. If you want to eat outside you might look for the term “Gastgarten”. “Heurigen” stands for typical Viennese wine taverns which normally also offer reasonable and typical Viennese food.
To facilitate your choice of traditional dishes you might want to visit a web-site which offers you a >>DESCRIPTION OF TYPICAL MEALS like “Wiener Schnitzel” with pictures and recipe.

Wiener Schnitzel......... Tafelspitz




Vienna has a lot of cultural highlights to offer. From the Mozart Year 2006 and it’s events to museums and theatres. If you wish to do some traditional sightseeing you find a lot of information on the official website of the >>VIENNA TOURIST BOARD in 13 different languages.

If you are interested in some sightseeing hints I can definitely recommend you to visit the >>MUSEUMSQUARTIER [Underground: U2: Museumsquartier or U3: Volkstheater] It’s the perfect place to chill out and relax after your lectures, to have a cup of coffee or any other drink at one of the lively open-air bars surrounding it. The MuseumsQuartier is definitely a cultural and artist meeting point. There is always something going on and something to discover even without paying any entrance fee. Beside it is also a good starting point to enjoy the Viennese nightlife at the >>VOLKSGARTEN with it’s bars and clubs.

Close to the Austria Centre Vienna, the FENS Forum venue, you find the Danube Island [Underground: U1: Donauinsel, U6: Neue Donau] with it’s beaches, bars, restaurants, snack bars and club life. The island is one of the main local recreation and due to it’s Carribbean flair in summer it’s not accidentally called Copa Cagrana. So don’t forget to bring your bathing suits as July is the perfect time for having a nice refreshment before hurrying to your next lecture!

The >>"NASCHMARKT" [Underground: U1, U2, U4: KARLSPLATZ] is a culinary and cosmopolitan meeting point in the city centre. There you find all sorts of exotic fruits, herbs, asian food etc. offered by typical market-men and –women as well as lively bars, breakfast clubs, trendy restaurants and almost hidden sushi bars. This market is perfectly suited for having a snack, an extensive breakfast or finding some non-typical souvenirs.

Shopping and Souvenirs:

Generally the 6 th [Mariahilf] and 7 th [Neubau] districts in the inner city are the best areas for shopping trips. If you do not mind large fashion chains and crowds of shoppers on the street you might go to “Mariahilferstrasse” [Underground: U3: Neubaugasse or Zieglergasse] which is the shopping mile in Vienna. In the “Neubaugasse” you find trendy second hand shops and if you wish to buy some nice exceptional souvenirs you might again go to MuseumsQuartier which accommodates small shops mostly run by young artists.





If you wish to go out and have a good party Vienna is definitely the right place to be. Vienna’s musical tradition goes far beyond classical music. During the recent years Vienna became famous for its electronic music e.g. Kruder & Dorfmeister and club culture. For more information go to the >>LIST OF CLUBS AND THEIR MUSICAL FOCUS. Normally clubs in Vienna offer different type of dj line-ups and life music every weekday. Generally an entrance fee has to be paid depending on artists and location. If you like an alternative and underground atmosphere the Flex Club [Underground: U2, U4: Schottenring] is certainly a place to visit. Famous international DJ’s from all over the world are regularly playing techno, house, dub (normally Mondays) or other state of the art life music there.

One of Vienna's popular clubs (copyright: Sunshine Enterprises)

On Monday, July 10 FENS will organise a >>FENS STUDENT NIGHT at the arcades of the Viennese city hall [Underground: U2: Rathaus] with DJ, free drinks, free snacks and all other necessities of a good night out. You will find all details on this website soon!

For those who like to go for a nice cocktail while enjoying a wonderful view over the Burggarten which is a park close to the MuseumsQuartier and the Hofburg you might go to the >> CAFE PALMENHAUS [Underground: U1,U4,U2: Karlsplatz/Oper]. The Burggarten is a meeting point for young people who use the park for chilling and relaxing in the grass. What makes the Palmenhaus special is it’s good cocktails, big terrace, lounge music as well as its ancient architecture. The Palmenhaus is open from 10am until 2am in the morning and offers also exclusive meals and menus.



If you miss any specific information that you believe is interesting for many others as well, do not hesitate to >>CONTACT CHRISTIANE and forward your suggestions or questions.


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